Chin Firming Tail

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Newly adopted the bionics design concepts M shaped in dolphin tail, looks novelty and classic. 

The massage head is specially designed for chin, streamline outlook fit for ergonomic theory, can help transporting the energy to every part of skin. 

The massage heads heating in 45 ℃ to activate the skin, matching with three IPL acoustic mode in low, medium and high speeds, and with blue, green, red 3 color light massage modes. 

This device can promote the blood circulation, stimulate the neck acupuncture points, clear the meridians, improve circulation and promote metabolism, promote the discharge of long-accumulated toxic substances & waste, slow skin cell aging, to dilute the neck profile, less swelling, relax neck, make acupuncture treatments, rapidly eliminate fatigue, restore the role of physical fitness. Three sonic modes as low speed (blue), medium speed (green), high speed (red) which are all make by intelligent technology, after selecting mode, when massage head contacts the skin, the vibration starts. 


  • Designed for removing unwanted fat in chin.
  • Promote the blood circulation.
  • Stimulate the neck acupuncture points.
  • Clear the meridians, improve circulation and promote metabolism.
  • Promote the discharge of long-accumulated toxic substances & waste.


Material: ABS + PC
Color: white, pink 
Feature: USB charging, dolphin tail
Size(approx.): 88 x 57 x 113 mm
Operating voltage: 3.3-4.2V
Battery: built -in 650 MAH lithium battery

Power Supply: USB 
Power: 0.15w (Level 1), 2.3w (Level 2), 2.4w (Level 3)

Charging time: 2 hours
Working hours: 12h for the first level, 3h for the second level or for the third level.

Weight: 287g
Type: Anti-Aging Product 
Function: Lifting, Tightening, Smoothing Wrinkles and Promoting Absorptivity of Nutrients.

Blue Light / Mode 1 Low-speed mode Massaging Mode. Vibration frequency: 6200 times / min. Working current: 350mABlue Light: Blue light is the normal temperature light, which can promote the synthesis of protein and collagen, activate the skin, tighten the loose the skin and shrink the pores, is good for oily skin and sensitive skin.
Green Light/ Mode 2 Middle-speed mode. Magtic Heat Lifting Mode. Vibration frequency: 9500 times / min. Magnetic heat therapy in 45℃ +- 5℃Working current: 550mAGreen Light: Green Light can improve the oxygen alternate use function of the cell, promote the skin surface microcirculation, and dredge the lymphatic & edema, meanwhile it is with the function of calming skin, balancing skin and keeping stability of the skin.
Red Light/ Mode 3 High speed mode. Magic Heat Lifting Mode. Vibration frequency: 12500 times / min. Magnetic heat therapy in 45℃ +-5℃Working current: 560mARed Light :Red Light can increase the cell vitality, accelerate the blood circulation, and good for growth of fibroblasts and collagen, has significant effect in smoothing fine lines, wrinkles, firming skin, color dodging, and fading the scar.

Do not use this product when charging.
If you feel discomfort or appear abnormal skin during using this device, please stop using it immediately.
This product has not waterproof function.
You just need clean cloth to wipe product.
It flashes red light when low battery, flashes blue lights when charging and long blue light when charging finished.
It automatically close after 2 minutes if not in use.
It is advised to use 5-10 minutes every time.

1 x Neck Care Device
1 x User Manual
1 x USB Charging Cable
1 x Cleaning Cloth1 x Packing Box

1 x USB Charging Cable
1 x Cleaning Cloth1 x Packing Box