Vibration Plate Exercise Machine for Weight Loss & Toning

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  • It is a large-sized machine in the fat reduction machine, up to 27" x 15" x 5.3", bearing 300 pounds, with four non-slip suction pads at the bottom corner.
  • 200W rated power, strong silent motor, 10 minutes for each preset mode, 60 minutes for continuous operation.
  • Work all your muscles, including your feet, legs, buttocks, abdomen, and arms.There are three groups of simulated exercise model intensity on the board, from the middle to both sides are walking, jogging, fast running.
  • The fat reduction machine is set with three preset exercise modes and 99 speed modes, which can be combined with various fitness movements such as arms crossing to achieve the purpose of exercising the whole body.
  • The lip-reducing machine can be adjusted by touching the panel with the remote control and the treadmill. The panel displays the mode, time, music, speed, etc., when the machine is lit.



This product supports Bluetooth connection, which is easy to connect with mobile phone and tablet, and a pair of elastic rope can be hung on both sides of the machine.

The main parts are guaranteed for one year, and the parts can be reissued.


Rated power: 200W

The electric frequency: 50/60 hz

Voltage: 110 v

Noise: 40 db

Amplitude: 0 to 10 mm

Size: 27" x 15" X 5.3"

Net weight: 28.8 LBS / 13 kg

Load bearing: 300 LBS


Box gauge: 30.8" x 17.3" x 8.3" / 68*38*14cm

Gross weight: 30.8 LBS / 14.0 kg

Trim machine body X 1pcs

Elastic rope X 2pcs

Power cord X 1pcs

Remote control X 1pcs

Specification X 1pcs